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Introduction to Usability Testing

Plan and run your own usability tests
Learn about how to plan and run a usability test from start to finish, including running a practice test. This course is for people considering adding usability testing to their process who want a strong, practical overview.

“Very useful takeaways to run our own Usability testing sessions”

“Great introduction on what to consider when setting up a portable usability lab”

Outline of the Course

  1. What is Usability - Discusses the question of what we mean by usability.

  2. What is Usability Testing - Provides an introduction and overview to testing, and to the different types of testing that you can use

  3. Planning a Usability Test - Describes the things we need to think about when we begin to plan a test

  4. Participants - Discusses the people who need to be involved in the testing

  5. Tasks - Consider what tasks we need to use in order to test effectively

  6. Preparing Materials - Introduces the typical set of materials we need to conduct testing

  7. Test Laboratory - Look at the basic equipment needed

  8. Running a Usability Test - Walk through the things we need to do when we run a test. We will run a dummy test at that time so that we can get a feel for what is involved

  9. Analysing Results - Describes how to deal with the data we collect during usability testing, and how to write effective reports

  10. Pitfalls - Look at some of the things that can go wrong, and how to avoid or deal with them.



 One Day

Who Should Attend

People who are involved in the development of web, windows and mobile products


  • An understanding of the value of usability testing
  • Knowledge of different testing techniques
  • Practical experience in usability testing
  • A set of materials that you can use when conducting your own usability testing.


Daniel Szuc
Gerry Gaffney
Whitney Quesenbery
Caroline Jarrett
Dana Chisnell

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