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Structuring information for use
Learn how to structure information for use on web sites or intranets. This course is intended for people involved in structuring information for ease of maintenance and retrieval. While we will focus on websites, the principles are applicable to information systems in general.

“Finding information on web sites is becoming critical, this course was a wonderful guide on how to think about structuring information”

“Helped me conceptualize the relationship between content and design”

Outline of the Course

  1. What is Information Architecture?
    The origin of the term, and what it means
  2. Analysis
    How to understand your users’ information needs, and how to conduct site audits and create a list of required content
  3. Design
    An overview of the process of designing a complete information architecture – from defining the required content to developing the actual structure
  4. Evaluation
    How to evaluate a site structure at an early stage to ensure that customers and users can find the information they require when completing their tasks
  5. Wireframes & Documentation
    The relationship between information architecture, wire frames, the user interface and visual design, and describes how to represent the information architecture in documentation.



 One Day

Who Should Attend

People who are involved in the development of web sites and intranets.


  • Understand what is meant by information architecture
  • Learn to analyse and understand information requirements
  • Translate requirements into site structures
  • Practice testing the usability of site structures.


Daniel Szuc
Gerry Gaffney

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