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Conducting Expert Usability Reviews

Evaluate a product with an expert usability eye
Usability reviews evaluate a web site, application or mobile product against good usability principles. They can be used as part of a design process, or can help you prepare for a usability test.

“Good introduction to review a product against usability principles and help plan for a usability test”

Outline of the Course

  1. What Are Usability Principles - Introduces some of the main usability principles

  2. What is a Usability Review - What is a ‘usability review’, and when it is appropriate to undertake such a review

  3. Conducting a Review - Overview of the process of doing a review

  4. Analysing your Data – How to make sense of the issues you have gathered in the review

  5. Reporting - How to organise and present your findings.



 Two Hours

Who Should Attend

People who are involved in the development of web, Windows and mobile products.


  • An understanding of the benefits of conducting usability reviews
  • The ability to conduct a usability review


Daniel Szuc
Gerry Gaffney
Dana Chisnell
Whitney Quesenbery
Caroline Jarrett

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