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Card Sorting

Collect user input to organize information for your web site
Have you ever struggled with a table of contents or web information architecture? Do you wonder how users think about a topic and the words they really use? Would you like to usability test your structure before you build it? Card sorting is a method that can help you answer all of these questions.

“ Hands-on experience is useful for understanding this technique”

Outline of the Course

  1. Introduction - What is card sorting, what can you learn from this technique and when should you use it

  2. Running a card sort - Planning a session, recruiting users and running the session.

  3. Choosing your tools – Remote, online and paper tools for card sorting

  4. Using the results - How to analyse the results of a card sorting session

  5. Try it out - Practice running a card sorting session.




Who Should Attend

Web designers and information architects


  • Understand different approaches to card sorting
  • Learn when to use card sorting
  • Understand how to analyse results
  • Practice running a card sorting session


Whitney Quesenbery
Caroline Jarrett
Dana Chisnell

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