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Focus on the value of usability in minmizing risk and maximizing returns.
This course looks at the business benefits of usability in improving web sites and other products. It is focused on the costs of not including usability in project planning and the return on the investment in user-centered design.


“A nice introduction to usability and the major tools to apply in product development”


Outline of the Course

  1. What is Usability?
    What do we we mean by "usability?"
  2. Cost of Poor Usability
    How is failing to apply usability principles costing your organisation money and business?
  3. Identifying Usability Problems
    What are some typical usability problems and how can you identify them?
  4. Usability Activities
    What are some of the main usability activities?
  5. Putting Usability into Practice
    How can you embrace usability and use it when designing Web sites and application?.


 Half Day

Who Should Attend

Managers, designers and developers of web, Windows and mobile products.


  • Basic understanding of the main usability techniques
  • Recognizing usability problems
  • Ideas for incorporating usability activities as part of the development process.
  • Quantifying the cost of usability problems
  • How user-centered design can minimise these costs


Daniel Szuc
Gerry Gaffney
Whitney Quesenbery
Caroline Jarrett
Dana Chisnell

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